May 24, 2004

In Need of Guests

We are all out of new guests. We need more. Or the same ones again. Please, I’m begging you to volunteer, otherwise Uborka will fade away into nothingness.
In fact, you’ll be delighted to know that there is a rematch scheduled between Vaughan and Graybo the week after next; but we do need someone next week.
But who’s going to serve cocktails next Friday?


13 thoughts on “In Need of Guests

  1. I propose the Uborka tournament. Random pairings are selected and go head to head in a week of banter. Not sure how the winner is selected, but whoever that unfortunate might be must go head to head with another winner the following week… and so on.
    And so forth.
    Oh sod it. That idea’s rubbish.

  2. Oh, go on then. If you’re desperate. About time I had a go at this Guesting lark…

  3. Vaughan – just think of the money you could earn endorsing washing powder!

  4. I’ll volunteer. As long as I’m still off work, sick.
    Which I intend to be until at least 4 July.
    Actually, I’m planning to be off sick through to after August Bank holiday w/e.

  5. Forget this whole ‘guesting’ thing- just allow us all unlimited access here at Uborka forever and we can all post constantly and it’ll be loads of happy fun.

  6. GF: I meant next Friday.
    Gert & Mike: Can you do next week?
    Dr P: Much as it is tempting to run a Big Brother style competition, even if only for the fun of coining a new Uborka term, we are officially opposed to popularity contestism around these parts.

    Karen on May 25, 2004
  7. If Gert & Mike are doing a week together, can I be the first to request that they spend the entire week three sheets to the wind and write all their posts under the influence of copious amounts of alcohol? Thanks!

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