May 2, 2004

Introducing Bitter Marl

My fellow guest blogger, who should be along tomorrow morning to introduce my good self, is my friend Marlon.
Marlon, or Marl I met at university in 1993. Marl was different to all the other kids. Marl viewed the world with different eyes. As far as anyone could tell, it’s because Marlon was a bit strange. Marl had been known to chase one of our friends around a camp site cabin with a butchers knife in revenge for an insult or some such. Marl was drunk at the time, but I don’t think this would stand up in a court of law.
At some point Marl became “Bitter Marl“. I think this point revolved around a girl. Or more precisely this point revolved around a lack of girl. It may have been a specific girl but it’s really not all that relevant. It most likely was a girl that Marl liked who was dating one of his friends. Marl did a lot of this. He dated girls before or after his friends did. And by this I do mean the same girl. However it all worked out in the end as Marl is now happily married and his friends are forbidden to date his wife. Again.
So Marl is no longer bitter. Well expect for a long list of things, but not because of girls. However Marl being Bitter Marl is not a bad thing. The reason for this is born out of this initial spout of girl induced varsity bitterness (and who amongst us didn’t have this) was a sense of humour that is not so much of centre but as off balance.
Marl used to draw cartoons at university. Cartoons of his friends. This is where the character Black Betty Seabitch came from. And this is where my varsity nickname Betty, Betts, Seabitch have come from. The cartoon was hysterically funny till Marl got bored and in the final strip had me killed in panel 3. He ran me over with a bus. It hurt.
After I moved to England and started a website, Marl thought it would be funny to download pictures from my webcam or photo album and send out emails mocking me. These again where really funny, and after emailing them out on my group list, I set up a section of the site called MarlZone where I had these mocks. Later on I added to this Marl’s Yoshi stories. I cannot describe these stories or put them into a category. You have to read them for yourself.
Marl is a top lawyer, an ex talk show DJ and a great friend. He’s one of the funniest men I know. Hopefully he will entertain you lot of reprobates as much as he has entertained me over the years. I’m sure there will be a healthy dose of ritual abuse (of myself). I expect nothing less and I suspect you lot will be right behind him all the way.
Ladies and gentleman, I give you Bitter Marl.


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  1. Hey Karen
    Shut up Betts…or I’ll set some firelighter on you.

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