June 11, 2004

An Incomplete A to Z of Blogging
To Be (Dis)continued

Oh! But a week seems just too short, doesn’t it? (Humour me; I know that’s not what you’re thinking). There are so many essential blogging terms that I didn’t get round to: Linkyluuuurrvve, Navelgazing, Ofuscation, and Starf***ers (I’m especially disappointed about that last one, as it would most likely have been supremely bitchy). Still, there are bonuses to this particular alphabetical countdown remaining incomplete, because I’m still not sure how I would have woven Xylophones, Yetis and Zoetropes into a seamless glossary of weblog terminology.
I hope you’ve been enlightened by this investigation into bloggery and all its various orifices, and that it’s gone a little way to making you approach your own beloved blog with a renewed sense of vim, vigour and vitality. Mm-hmm. Feel that intensity, eh?
Let me leave you with a brief warning that Lyle is one of the tenants here next week. He doesn’t asterisk out his gratuitous swearing like I do, so be sure to lock up any impressionable adults, won’t you?


3 thoughts on “An Incomplete A to Z of Blogging
To Be (Dis)continued

  1. Anal spelling note. Imagine it delivered in high, whiny, petulant voice by man with row of ballpoint pens in top pocket. (Ahem). I think you’ll find that the word is actually ‘oBfuscation’, meaning wilful obscurity or lack of clarity.
    I’ll get my coat…

  2. Good heavens, you’re right. My trademark word, the word by which I live my entire online life, and I’ve made a spelling error!

  3. Bizarrely, I _have_ starred out swearing. Not subtly, but I did it. Don’t want Uborka to get banned by filters the world over, do we?

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