June 11, 2004


I just vacuum’d up one of Karen’s stockings.
I was doing man-hoovering. In order to save time and energy, I avoided the need to move things (shoes, clothes etc) out of the way by just pushing them to the edge of the room with the snout of the vacuum cleaner as I progressed.
However, some things evidently don’t get pushed by an assertive appliance, but prefer to give in to its powerful wiles, spreading their arms and allowing themselves to be smothered in its awesome bulk, feeling the erotic powerlessness of submission to their mighty Master.
Wow. Arousing stuff.
I delicately extracted the stocking from the mouth of the beast, and it seems to be in one piece, though a little dusty.
Let’s see how soon she notices.


3 thoughts on “Hoover-whelming

  1. How many times have I asked you not to post about my stockings being left on the floor??

    Karen on June 12, 2004
  2. Man-hoovering? Stockings? You do get up to some strange things while Karen’s back is turned . . .

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