June 14, 2004

First Day

*peeps nervously round the doorframe, before shuffling in trying to find somewhere unobtrusive to sit*
Oh, there are only two desks. Hel-hello… my name is… Ade. It was *sniff* Adrian, but that boy over there took it when I first got here.
It is my first day here at the big blog. I have a new pencil case and I am looking forward to using my new fountain pen. Thankfully, Blogmistress Karen and Blogmaster Pete have assigned one of the big boys to look after me. His name is Lyle and I’ve been told he swears lots. I bet he smokes behind the bike sheds too.
It seems traditional here that some theme is chosen, so this week I shall endeavour to bring a touch of high-society and tradition to Uborka. Not because I have a great wealth of experience in such matters – proper Northern working-class stock, me – but living in Cambridge, such things come to you sooner or later. It would seem that my time, and therefore also yours, is now.
So without further ado, we should all go and find a plum to put in our mouths. I’d offer you one of mine (from the tree in my garden obviously) but they aren’t ripe yet.


5 thoughts on “First Day

  1. I am considering putting my name on ebay though … You could buy it back … 🙂

  2. Ah, but given my recent ineptness with eBay, I’d just add it to my watchlist and then forget to bid before the auction ended…

  3. I’m just glad that someone is providing an antidote to ol’ Sweary Mary down there.

    Karen on June 14, 2004
  4. Coleridge, but near enough to Cherry Hinton Hall to just have to open my windows to hear the folk festival 🙂

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