June 14, 2004


From what I have gleaned from popular media, one of the traits of those in “high society” is an interest in culture. I think that means you go to the opera, or attend classical concerts. The nearest I’ve got are a number of trips to the Last Night of the Audley End Proms, and even then our travel rug and a few bottles of wine is no match for the evening dress and chandelabras of other attendees.
When you reach the level of aristocracy required to own somewhere like Audley End, as opposed to just visit, you usually accumulate a number of staff. People who do things for you, because you are too busy or important to do them yourself.
Things like, for example, writing a note for the milkman to let him know that you’re away for the weekend.
As a result, I imagine the aristocrats have not experienced the culture that I did upon my return last night.

Pic of curdled milk in a bottle
It looks like the weekend was quite nice in Cambridge


4 thoughts on “Culture

  1. I didn’t. Although it had managed to partially open itself. Not nice. Luckily the bins are collected on Monday so it was straight in there.

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