13 thoughts on “Found links

  1. I love the phone that leads you to other places – though none of the places were quite as funny as the first.

  2. But not on the dancing redheads front. Oh, no.
    I agree with his stance on personal technology and mobile telephonic communications.
    Do you have a cold coming, darling?

  3. I’m operating below par today… My first thought was that Krissa had some Greek blood, and my support for the Czechs was an affront. I’m done with all that Greek stuff now, by the way.

  4. Actually, Pock, I think she does have some greek blood. You’re just lucky that her beloved offended her before you did.

    Karen on July 1, 2004
  5. the outcome of this piffling game of chasing dead pigskin around a field does not excite or offend my ANCIENT GREEK PRIDE. we are GREEK we will go on creating plays and philosophising when your people are once again swinging from the TREES and
    err, rah rah hellas.

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