June 16, 2004

How To… Be Uninspired

This one’s difficult – being uninspired is a difficult task when it comes to writing posts. However, when that lack of inspiration hits, it’s a complete swine to break.
So – how to be uninspired. The first requirement is to sit at the computer with absolutely no clue about what to write. This is actually harder than it sounds, as it’s normal to have ideas floating about. However, for the sake of argument, we’ll say that this step has been achieved, and that in fact there are no ideas floating around at all.
Suddenly, one appears. You start to write, get a couple of paragraphs in, and then realise that you’ve absolutely no clue what you’re writing about, or why, or even what you’ve just written. Looking back, you realise that it’s b*ll*cks. So, Ctrl-A, Delete. The post is a eunuch, with its b*ll*cks removed.
Another idea. The same situation – only this time it only takes a paragraph before you realise that in the current state of mind the subject is utter sh!te, and doesn’t even deserve the amount of headspace it’s had.
Uninspired. No idea what to write.
Hmmm, maybe I could write about having nothing to write about.
No, that’d be a stupid thing to do.


7 thoughts on “How To… Be Uninspired

  1. “being uninspired is a difficult task when it comes to writing posts.”
    I’d love to agree, except for the fact that you go on to describe the process by which, give or take a couple of examples, I have always blogged (well, except the entirely sensible deleting bit, of course. I don’t believe in deleting. I just post it, whatever it says).

  2. I prefer to slowly clutter my blog up with draft posts, which “I’ll come back to when I’ve got enough time to devote to them and do them justice”… of course.

  3. I’m with Ade on this one…
    Actually, bollox, I just like to spout and post

  4. Inanity – it’s the way ahead.
    See my guesting here last week for examples.

  5. By the way, another reason you don’t want to be inspired …
    Due to some Freudian keyboard slip, when I type the word ‘inspired’ I often end up typing out the word ‘insipid’ instead. I think that says it all.

  6. Blogging is bloggging is blogging.
    Inspiration is great, but not always necessary. I think if we were all discerning enough to only post when moved to by a muse of fire, the blogosphere would be a much less interesting place.

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