June 17, 2004

How To… Make Life Incredibly Complicated

  1. Decide that for once you’re settled in life, and not really looking for anything to change
  2. Listen to some tosspot who says “The best way to handle SAD is to keep busy
  3. Run round like a pillock for 12 months, having approximately 8 weekends free out of 52
  4. Come close to a complete breakdown of all things nervous, mental, and physical
  5. Decide that life needs to calm down, that domestic peace and quiet can be a good thing, and that will suit you nicely for a while, starting ASAP
  6. Have a house with at least one spare room
  7. Lose Filofax/Diary and thus all track of what’s happening in the next couple of months
  8. While away for weekend (see post below about expensive wardrobes for slightly more details) start something that may or may not massively affect domestic life.
  9. Even if it doesn’t massively affect life, make sure that it’s going to require a large amount of head-space, which is currently unavailable
  10. Also while away for the weekend, receive a text message saying “I’ve seperated from my husband – can I stay in your spare room for a while?
  11. Say Yes.
  12. Survive on a bare minimum of sleep
  13. Realise the house needs tidying a bit before friend moves in over the weekend
  14. Go out tonight with different friend, thus shortening available house-tidying time by 50%
  15. Stress

It’ll all work out in the end, I’m sure – and almost certainly for the better. But dear lord, it’s getting complicated at the moment.
Oh, and then I’m also looking after Uborka while the Gruesome Twosome are off on holiday next week.
Note to self : “Calm life down” ≠ “Adding more stress to the mix”


7 thoughts on “How To… Make Life Incredibly Complicated

  1. I’m sure that Team Uborka will do all they can not to cause you any further stress during the next week.
    After all, you’re the troublemaker.

    Karen on June 17, 2004
  2. Well, you have our permission to ban them if they misbehave.

    Karen on June 17, 2004

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