June 14, 2004

How to… Get involved in a guest week.

Note : This was supposed to be published over the weekend, but I chuffed it up. Typical
Aargh, the start of another guest week. I’m turning into a guest-whore.
*must stop volunteering*
And so – with pique and lack of motivation on my side – it struck me
that a How To series might be fun. Of course, it might also be utterly
dull, and not fit to lick the boots of other guest weeks. Time will tell.
Getting involved in a guest week is actually relatively easy. It just
involves volunteering – or in some cases, being volunteered. For my
first stint on Uborka I gave the gruesome twosome my name, and it went into
the hat to be paired with someone. This may sound like the online
equivalent of some bizarres 70’s key-party, but it really isn’t. Honest. In
the key partys you put your keys in a bowl and got paired up with
someone on the whims of fickle chance, in order to have some fun and see
whether any good came of it. Guest-blogging involves…. um…. ah. Yes,
well, moving swiftly on.
The second week (this one) was more a plea for some mug kind
soul to come along and partner Other Adrian Ade. Like a nork, I
thought “Yeah, OK, I’ll go for it, if no-one else steps in”. Of course
no-one else stepped in. Damn you all.
The other thing with Guest Weeks is that they all seem to have been
developed around themes. So – that’s the next hurdle – what the chuff am I going to write about for seven days? And still be original? First
things first – originality goes out of the window. Unfortunately,
inspiration went along for the ride.
Next, check the diary. I know there’s something familiar about this
weekend. Ah. Ooops. I’m away from Friday to Monday – a fair proportion of
any guest week. Then I get a “what are we gonna do?” email from Ade,
and he’s going to be away to. Nadging Twunts, now we’re in trouble.
OK, bit of a gamble – I’ll write one or two things (still no idea what
I’ll be doing, of course), save them, then email them to the Gruesome
Twosome and ask if they can put them into the system over the weekend.
Cross fingers. It’s a plan, and Shaggy, it might just work.
But still – what the hell am I going to write about. We’ve had A-Zs of
blogging, lurrve, and women (and apologies if I’ve forgotten any
alphabets along the way) as well as recommendations on cooking various
species, and a whole load of random stuff. So what the frunt am I going to
write about?


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  1. You could right about your love for people in general and how glad you are to be one us?

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