June 18, 2004

How To… Leave the place nice for the next people

And that’s it for the week. It’s been interesting – but as of tomorrow we’re going to instead see Uborka covered in pink fluffy bunnies, red velvet hearts, and shedloads of cloying flowers.
Yes, from the cellars of Lyle and the cesspool of Ade, we will now be transported to the ivory towers and lovelocked lands of transoceanic adoration.
It’s the week of those ambassadors of fluffydom – Stuart and Krissa.
More cynical viewers may like to obtain supplies from here first. You have been warned.


4 thoughts on “How To… Leave the place nice for the next people

  1. Yeah baby!
    You’re only going to need the sickbags for the MOTION DISCOMFORT.
    Hold on tight.

  2. Well, I don’t want to steal the last post from you 😉 so I’ll just say:
    Lyle, it’s been a f*#king pleasure.
    Karen and Pete, cheers for the use of your gaff, I’ve left a pint of my special home-made cheese on your doorstep to await your return from your hols, should be nicely matured by then…

  3. I’ve heard about *ahem* home-made cheese before. So I’m hoping that’s not the sort you’re referring to, and instead it’s that milk-bottle special…

  4. Isn’t that Mr. Sevitz’s line? No wonder you’re busy if you’re filling in for him too… 😉

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