June 21, 2004

Introducing Mars and Venus

Men and Women are very different. It is said that men are from Mars and women are from Venus, and this poses some very interesting questions.
Which gender took the time and trouble to develop a sound agricultural and primary industrial base, before progressing to secondary manufacturing industries and technological growth and expansion which led to the ability to develop rudimentary aviation, before gathering the know-how and resources to attempt an interplanetary space mission?
Why did those intrepid pioneers not die of sexual exhaustion?
Why did the genders leave both of their home planets, and elect to live on Earth?
(This smacks of compromise, which suggests to the inquisitive thinker the existence of some sort of celestial relationship counsellor)
After all this and everything settled, who paid the bill?
This week, we will not answer any of these questions.
Instead, we will look at different aspects of relationships from both the male and female perspective.


4 thoughts on “Introducing Mars and Venus

  1. Your engaged now. That means your perspective is whatever you get told it is ….
    /runs and hides before getting slapped

  2. There is nowhere to hide in a comments box, Mr. Adrian. Consider yourself slapped.

  3. The Mars/Venus theory implies that men and women are in fact a different species. I would be interested to know where the esteemed Doctor Badgett (or his representative, Stuart) stands on the issue of inter-species relationships.
    And so would my monkey, Charlotte.

  4. Unfortunately, Doctor, we have clearly stated in this week’s terms of reference that we will not be answering any of the questions arising from interplanetary matters.
    However, I believe an esteemed Pastor by the name of…Darwin, I think his name was, may well have plenty to say on the subject. I suggest that you familiarise yourself with his works.

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