June 1, 2004

Ubi sunt gaudia

Between volunteering for, and beginning, this stint I thought I ought to do my homework, and find out the meaning of Ubi.

By pressing that magic google button, I found an ubiquitous Software/Games firm but also a few other clues.

  • The Union Bank Of India – Good People to Bank With
  • Unione Buddhista Italiana, which was founded in Milan in 1985
  • Upper Bann Institute of Further and Higher Education – Focus on Your Future
  • Ralph’s Useless Bits of Information

    In the Middle Ages, the Islamic sect “Hashishiyun” was made up of men who smoked hashish before fighting. This is the origin of the word “assassin”.

  • Zanggroep Ubi Caritas – they’re a Dutch singing group
  • The Ubi 1™ Nanomechanical Test Instrument is the newest member of the Hysitron family. It is a cost effective dedicated scanning nanoindenter.
  • Universal Basic Income – in New Zealand, it seems
  • United Bicycle Institute
  • L’Unione Bonsaisti Italiani – dedicated to Bonsai. In Italy.

And best of all, Ubi Caritas – a blog by

Catholic. Progressive/liberal/radical/activist. Feminist. Bisexual. Recent college grad and now elementary teacher in NYC for Teach for America. Aspiring political pundit, aspiring politican, world-changer, do-gooder, conscience-follower, truth-seeker, lover and affirmer. All the news analysis, political opinion and religious analysis that you can handle. All in one place: Ubi Caritas Deus Ibi Est…because truly, “Where there is love, there God is.”

Yesterday, he wrote interestingly about how he came out to his priest and parents

I know, I know, I’m supposed to provide links, but you know how to Google, if you really must…


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