June 1, 2004

Tales from the Audit Trail Part 1

*Everyone* thinks that audit is about examining accounts. It isn’t if you can avoid it! I have been fortunate in my career to audit some very interesting organisations. Not least HM Customs and Excise. Import Duties was always a good … Continue reading


Ubi sunt gaudia

Between volunteering for, and beginning, this stint I thought I ought to do my homework, and find out the meaning of Ubi. By pressing that magic google button, I found an ubiquitous Software/Games firm but also a few other clues. … Continue reading

May 31, 2004

Voidable Minges

Hello Uborka people. Borks? Cucumber lovers? Whatever! I’m guesting this week with the divine Troubled Diva. I’m honoured, and nervous, and it’s like playing tennis with Martina Navratilova. Now I’m off to look for inspiration. Plants and cuddly toys. Yeah, … Continue reading