June 25, 2004

Venus: Kittentails

Ah, the bullfruit of relationships! It’s amazing how many of you sidled up to the bar when it came to finding alcoholic ways to slam your mates, future mates, and ex mates. martian-venusian harmony relations be damned, eh?
We’ve only just started and there’s Lyle, dribbling in the corner over a Southern Internet Bride. Luckily he’s not alone, in his moment of dribbling darkness, because D can’t seem to even say the word “commitment”. I’m not letting him have that mojito, since some of us can serve up a Committo-Politan just fine. Right, Stuart?
Oh, Stuart’s off on a long unintellible tangent with Adrian. Something about balls, chains and mind games. Looks like someone’s been paying attention, unlike our non-conforming Ade, who defies our obsessive couple-talk and shows his independence with a single malt whiskey. Sure you don’t want one of these to take the edge off that Singleness?
Ah, a little bit of the greek revolution for, who else, Nick the Greek. Does this imply any Mars-on-Mars Action?
Poor Mister D. Have women so stunned you into complacency that you’re terrified to branch out of your comfortable True Blue? Can I suggest a color change, perhaps?
And look! Opposite ends of the love spectrum! There’s our man Mike who’s on his second honeymoon and then Dave, who’s having himself a bit on the side. What could they possibly talk about? Oh, football. Right.
And look! Just like Middle School – all the girls having tons more fun on the other side of the room, complimenting each other’s hair/makeup/shoes and making fun of men. Here’s pix, bemoaning the lessenings of Wallbangings in complacent monogamy, standing with Steph, whose keen solution is an entire case of this. Well put, Steph.
Meanwhile, Shiv and Annie are sucking down the flirtinis and discussing war love tactics. Sneaky Women.
And well, I suppose at the end of the day, I can be a little martian and Stuart can be a little Venusian so he can have my drink and me? Well, I’ll have a go at HIS.
Wait! We left Graybo in the SHED! Someone take him one of one of these. Her name is Tyffani.
Tops up, Bottoms down, everyone enjoy!


8 thoughts on “Venus: Kittentails

  1. Well even w/o the drinks I have to say thank you for a wonderful week… Now that I have caught up w/everything I have to say I enjoyed it immensly! :>)

  2. ANGEL! i’m so sorry. i meant to get you in there and i completely wrapped up without you! sorry honey!

  3. Oh it’s ok K – I will just have to try out the drinks I ordered at the bar down the road… I had fun searching for drinks w/catchy names anyway… and I loved all the great info this week!!

  4. krissa, you have reminded me of Karen from Will & Grace while writing this series. And I daren’t say who Stuart has reminded me of.
    Good week, thank you.

    Karen on June 28, 2004
  5. omg, really? because i was trying to channel samantha from SaTC. but karen (sans the pharmecuetical habit) serves just as well.

  6. You may well have been an equally good Samantha. Unfortunately I have no experience of SaTC on which to base a judgement.

    Karen on June 28, 2004

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