June 3, 2004

YAHNET Acronyms.

Most Internet historians, while quick to acknowledge the early influence of JANET (the UK’s Joint Academic Network), are all too often slow to acknowledge the equally pioneering role that was played by YAHNET: a communications network that was set up in the mid 1980s by a consortium of many of the country’s leading public schools. Thanks to the generous levels of funding which these establishments enjoyed, a thriving community of scholars soon developed – complete with their own set of commonly used acronyms.
Keen to keep this knowledge safely hidden from their social inferiors (or LO, as they were known), YAHNET systems administrators went to great lengths to ensure that these acronyms never entered the public domain. Indeed, it has taken me many months of diligent sleuthing to track them down – finally tracing them to an old DEC VAX on a council tip on the outskirts of Winchester.
It therefore gives me great pleasure to publish the semi-legendary YAHNET acronyms for the first time ever on the World Wide Web – exclusively on Uborka.

1 first person singular
1s first person possessive
+ – — major/minor/minimus
(e.g. Smith+ Smith- Smith–)
M8R/P8R parents
BK master
RCHBK headmaster
M8RN matron
LWWD cleaner (lit. little woman who does)
XE@ mid-term weekend break
XULE actually (replaces the full stop at the end of most sentences)
DUK don’t you know (alternative to XULE above)
SBITTS offline (lit. scoffing buns in the tuck shop)
WMTS where’s my toast, sprog?
FMTF fetch my tea, fag!
GLO ghastly little oik
FLS frightful little squirt
(e.g. Smith– is a FLS XULE)
APCP addle-pated clodpod (arch.)
CLM common little man
LO/NR/OOU social classification system
(lit. lower orders/nouveau riche/one
of us
SITC something in the city
(e.g. 1s P8R is SITC DUK)
1XI/2XI first eleven/second eleven (cricket team)
1XV/2XV first fifteen/second fifteen (rugby team)
<=> rugger
3<=> rugger bugger
8= cricket
Jo hockey
CCF shadowy military indoctrination cult
PFIJD pillow fight in junior dorm
SBG soggy biscuit game
WITS post-match onanism (not to be confused with hockey or cricket above)
BKB8R strong term of abuse (lit. wanker)
(see BK above)

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