June 3, 2004

Because I value your opinion

What’s a really good name for a sort of one-man management consultancy specialising in lovely ISO 9001 quality management type stuff?


17 thoughts on “Because I value your opinion

  1. Personally I still like the idea of calling a company “Official Ltd.”, or similar. That way whenever you call somewhere, you can say it’s “Official Business”.
    Alternatively, a company called “A Personal Call”, on the same kind of premise.
    However, they’re not overly useful for a QM company.
    One thing I’d advise though, is to make sure your company name is easily spelled, and hard to mistake for other words. Being a smart-arse, my own company’s name is being continually mis-spelled, misunderstood, and generally wasn’t my smartest move ever. Ah well.

  2. I favour something beginning with the letter Q – it’s a fine looking letter. Qual… Qua… Quali.. QuaQua… Oh, I don’t know.
    Quails’ Eggs?

  3. (OFF TOPIC) K – I don’t have your new work number can you call me at home – S

  4. Is it Friday already? Mine’s a Quality Pint, please. With a side serving of dry roasted and highly endangered Mexican Shrews, if you would.

  5. Gert was meant to be doing cocktails, but she appears to be incommunicado. Gimme a few minutes and I’ll get me pinney…

  6. If it wasn’t already taken by those lovely sanitaryware people, Ideal Standard would be good.
    Closer to home, something based on the theme of Mercury could be interesting – symbolic of speed, communication, measurement, etc. (Also poisonous in small quantities, but we’ll just gloss over that, shall we?)

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