July 19, 2004

A Bug’s Life

Well, I’m kind of stuffed when it comes to writing about insect life. I’ve never really had traumatic experiences with beetles, or been abused by ants. (That’s not true, actually – all three of the houses I’ve had in Manchester have been prone to invasions by little six-legged black fruiters ants, but that’s what pesticide sprays are for)
Instead, I get to write weird code in PHP, and in there – yes, you’re far, far ahead of me – there can be plenty of bugs. And they’re the ones I’m infested and frustrated by today. I want to swat them all, but no, the little sods just keep on milling around, and just when I think I’ve got one swatted, the sod comes back for another go.


2 thoughts on “A Bug’s Life

  1. is there a pesticide equivalent for php bugs? or is manual swatting the only way to get rid of them?
    somebody educate the arts student here, please.

  2. Manual swatting of individual bugs is the recommended way of dealing with PHP bugs.
    Unless, the following day, you discover that basically it was a brain bug that caused most of the faults, in which case a simple search/replace routine can – given luck, God, and a following wind – sort the bugs out.

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