July 19, 2004

i’m this week’s morrissey

I don’t want to be the asshole around here. I really don’t.

But, you play the personality you’re dealt.
So in the spirit of anal retention, let’s all remember that spiders aren’t insects, MMM-KAY?
That’s all! I’ll be in the comment box, waiting to be beaten with a stick.


7 thoughts on “i’m this week’s morrissey

  1. Spiders aren’t insects in the way that tomatoes aren’t vegetables.

    Karen on July 19, 2004
  2. And whales aren’t fish.
    They have fins. They live in the sea. If you leave them lying on the beach they die.
    They’re fish. They’re fooling no one.
    And so are spiders.

  3. Ahem, spiders aren’t fish, Doctor P.
    They are insects however.
    Insects – Def: Things you want to stomp on when a kid.

  4. Tomatoes are fruit. Tomatoes are our friend.
    Strictly speaking, humans aren’t bird either but millions of people still insist on flying each week.

  5. You are *so* not this week’s Morrissey.

    Karen on July 22, 2004

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