July 11, 2004

Confluence of Consciousness

I think it’s time to discuss your philosophy of drug use as it relates to artistic endeavors.
My nomination for the Uborka soundtrack is the same track I would put forward for any compilation, and have included on every mix-tape, CD, minidisc, or mp3 playlist since I first heard it. Subconsciously I was preped for it years before hearing the song as the backbeat was used on a showreel I’d watch in college because those 3D effects were just so damned trippy.
Some considerable time later (time dilates and contracts y’know, although the secret to life is that time passes faster as you get older) I discovered through a delightful confluence of events and coincidences that the track was created by those same lovable bad boy Brit rappers who had provided the soundtrack to my early teens for The Bitmap Brothers’ game Xenon 2. The artists in question are Bomb the Bass, the track is Bug Powder Dust.
Not, I feel I must stress, the mellow and waste of time and space version by Kruder and Dorfmeister, but the original Justin Warfield version.
Gabbling through a plethora of drug references and drug subculture tips of the hat, trips to Interzone, staring at eclipses, Jane’s Addiction and Led Zepplin references you’ll find that the lyrics are so thick with meaning you’d be able to stand a spoon up straight in a mug of them. Not only that but the spoon would be blessed with such a sense of purpose and understanding of the fabric of the universe you’d have to bend the smarmy thing in half to shut it up.
Hence, why I nominate Bomb the Bass’ 1995 stoner classic Bug Powder Dust.


6 thoughts on “Confluence of Consciousness

  1. Well I live by the words “once a philosopher, twice a pervert”
    You’ve got to try everything once.

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