July 18, 2004

Die arachnid die

I hate spiders. Largely because they are evil like fu…. breath in breath out … calm.
That and because I am arachnophobic. Badly.
I once woke up to find a spider the size of my hand on the wall above my bed. And that was just the body. With the legs it was much bigger. I went and woke my dad up, told him to deal with it. He rolled up a mat and hit it and then sprayed it with killer death insect spray and then threw it outside. I still slept in a different room that night.
I was 17.
I hate spiders.
Now I’m off to Alcatraz. I’ll let you know if their are any spiders.
[Update] – I couldn’t get to Alcatraz. I suspect these means the spiders know I’m onto them. I’ll try again tomorrow.
[Update2] – I got to “The Rock ” in the end. No spiders that I could see (brilliant got to live islands) but I did get sunburnt. I am going to blame the spiders for that.


7 thoughts on “Die arachnid die

  1. Heh. You wet pansy.
    I find that a lot of peoples’ problem with spiders is their athleticism. Perhaps it would help if you thought of them as miniature horses instead.

    Pete on July 18, 2004
  2. Shut up, Pete, you bully. As a fellow arachnaphobe, I feel Adrian’s pain. But to tell you more would spoil a future post. Just be assured that I feel it. Evil like fu is damn right.

    Karen on July 18, 2004
  3. But they are the destroyers of flies, so there exists an uneasy peace between us here in Cambridge.

  4. I see them more as miniature pockets of pure evil sucking up all that is good.
    It’s a little known fact that Georgie Bush is actually a spider.

  5. Arachnaphobia is a totally illogical and irrational fear that is likely to be a psychological manifestation of deep rooted mental trauma or insecurity.
    Unless you are an arachnaphobe in which case spiders are the multi-legged, vampiric, web spinning spawn of satan and to be afraid of them is perfectly rational.
    Little b*st*rds!

  6. Damn right that’s what arachnaphobia is, and if I had time right now, I’d tell you all about the specific incident that turned my general jumpiness about insects into a nauseating fear.
    Although I do think that having a specific spider-related incident as a root cause makes the whole thing a lot less irrational, and therefore not a phobia.

    Karen on July 19, 2004
  7. There is nothing illogical or irrational about hating the little fu evil bastards.

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