July 18, 2004

Bee On Your Guard


This afternoon, Karen and I did the gardening. We had quite a list of things to do, as the garden was in something of a state. And it was a successful event. She tied the roses back while I mowed the lawn and strum the edges. She potted herbs, while I danced around a tree with a pair of secateurs, performing what I fondly refer to as topiarotica. The outcome? A tree that looks like… a tree!
However, there was one thing that we just could not do. The lavender has been looking exceedingly scruffy for some time, and we’ve been meaning to cut it into shape. But the number of bees on it was flabbergasting. If my camera would let me set the focus manually, this photograph of a beeus commonus gardeniswherethebeelivesus would have been ace.
On a brief non insect-related note…

…one of the nastirtiums that we planted a few months back has come into flower at last, and it’s the one tucked away in a corner. Typical. The rest of them are still a tad on the disappointing side.