July 2, 2004

Hooray for Alphabets (and Divorces)

A is for Adrian, who is showing off (again) and who got so excited he forgot to leave his drink order, and so, shall have a bucket of ice instead, because he so obviously needs it.
B is for Bloody Mary, a drink I will never be able to drink again, thanks to Dragon‘s ta(i)l(e).
C is for Clear Blue Dave, who’s come over all Peculiar in his Old age.
D is for D, who wants a Daquiri, just to be different.
G is for Graybo who shall have a pint of mouse, because that’s what’s closest to hand.
K is for Karen, our delightful hostess, on the occasion of her Divorce. Three cheers, and three jugs of Pimms for you!
L is for Lyle, bless him and his yellow fetish.
N is for Newly-hyphenated Mike who wants to share Dave(‘s drink).
and last but not least…
P is for Pockless, the inimitable Doctor. Who shall have a pint. Of what, I can’t decide. Pimms perhaps?
T is for That’s all from me, folks.
Thank you and good weekend to you all.


5 thoughts on “Hooray for Alphabets (and Divorces)

  1. Pimms will do nicely… even if I wouldn’t know that’s what I was drinking if you chucked a bucket of the stuff over me. It’s Friday, and one doesn’y like to be fussy.
    Can we uborge now?

  2. Nope. We have one more pair of guests to go.
    Cheers Pix. Happy Friday!

    Karen on July 2, 2004
  3. Use it to cool your itchy mouse finger.

    Pete on July 2, 2004
  4. I spilt scalding coffee over those fingers. Might be a good plan.

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