July 16, 2004

les cocktails! le huzzah! let’s get le drunk!

The Uborkess herself asked me to post a couple of reminders. “Sure!” I said. “I write reminders all the time!”
The problem is, mostly I write them to myself, and mostly they don’t work. I have one by my elbow here that says “PAY GAS/ELECTRIC BILL.” Hm. Oops.
Nonetheless, she asked me to impart the following before taking to bed, and impart it I will:
One, a last reminder for anyone who still wishes to nominate a track for The Mix CD.
Two, a first reminder that cocktails are to be served today. Fishing through our little pool of instructions from the Maestros Uborka, I find this: Cocktails will, of course, be in line with the week’s theme. Mixed Drinks, then, in honor of the Mix Disc. No fewer than three ingredients per drink, please, excluding ice and garnish. Order away!
I’m delighted to announce my request, as it’s a rare occasion that I can take part in the Uborka Cocktail Hour, my location (and by extension time difference) being a rather inhibiting factor. So it’s with elation that I request, from whoever is tending the bar, a Singapore Sling in a very tall glass.
Don’t forget the cherry.
And with that, I retire.


14 thoughts on “les cocktails! le huzzah! let’s get le drunk!

  1. My three ingredients are:
    1 1/2 oz Rhubarb-infused Finlandia
    1/4 oz cane syrup
    fresh lime
    This constitutes a Ravishing Ruby, I’m told, which I found by searching Fall Cocktails. To be honest, I’m not convinced. I’m sure Mark E would have preferred a pint and a fag, but that’s only two ingredients.
    Sadly, there were no Jerusalem cocktails to be found.

  2. Hmmm – Chilli Vodka, Cointreau, dollop of tabasco, dash of lime, and topped up with Smirnoff black ice.
    The Mexikaze. Be afraid.

  3. Ooops, add “please” and “thanks” in there as required.

  4. Whiskey In The Jar please. With a splash of coke I guess, to make it three things…

  5. A Pisco Sour for me, please. Nothing to do with the mix CD, but it is Peruvian. As I’m off to Peru tomorrow for 2.5 weeks, it will help get me acclimatised.

  6. Just returned from foreign parts and am garspin’.
    Therefore a large Harvey Wallbanger, being equal parts vodka (Smirnoff Blue, please)plus Galliano plus orange juice.
    Plus ice.
    Plus thanks.

  7. A very large vodka and tonic please, with a slice of lime to bring up the three. Thank ye.

  8. I’ll have three Guinness please – hey it’ll save trips to the bar..

  9. I’ll have a bucket.
    and in that bucket, there will be a mixture of:
    – tequila
    – cointreau
    – lime
    all of which will make a monster marguerita, the likes of which will not solve the various things that have made my day such a stinker, but will put me into a coma, from whence I will cease to care about them.
    I thank you.

  10. My three ingredients are:
    1 pint Guinness Extra Cold
    1 glass Bushmills
    1 pack Marlboro Medium.
    Thanking you.

  11. one day kate, i will take you to the raffles hotel and we will have a singapore sling while i tell you the story of the tiger that wandered into the raffles bar. and got shot. poor kitty.
    i’ll have a long island tea please, full of assorted alcoholic goodness. *le hic!*

  12. Four ingredients in my drink:
    Yeast & (of course)
    Yup, that’s right, I’ll have a beer, please.
    Ta. 😉

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