July 21, 2004


thunderus bugus

Thunderbugs are apparently also known as thrips. Their primary characteristic is that they get on your chips when you’re by the seaside. They appear in hot weather, tiny and black like a plague of grocers apostophe’s [sic].
I haven’t seen any yet this year, for which I am glad. There are enough creepy crawlies around here as it is.


2 thoughts on “Thunderbugs

  1. When they arrive in plagues, as in The Great Thunderbug Plagues of Humberside in the early 80s, they also get under all your picture frames and die having added a Steadmanesque spatter of black.

  2. I think that there should be some sort of award, perhaps perpetuating the memory of the late great PG Wodehouse, which should be given to Karen at this juncture for the ‘grocers apostrophe’s’ phrase.

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