August 14, 2004

A letter.

For this theme, I decided that I would dig out my old love letter archive and find something reasonably suitable to be extracted and posted.
However, when I looked in my super secret private folder where I keep them, they all seemed to be gone, except for one. I expect that Karen has discovered them, and thrown them all away. Except for this one.

Dear Peter,
   I know I agreed to meet you at 8:00 but I totally forgot that I go to my Grandparents house on Thursdays, every single week!!! Sorry again but I didn’t really like the thought of you waiting for hours outside your house like a total lemon.
   I’ll speak to you tomorrow.
      Love Emma

Then again, perhaps I’m mistaken. Perhaps that’s the full extent of my love letters collection.
Ho hum.


2 thoughts on “A letter.

  1. I stumbled across a collection of love letters from my ex whilst trying to dig out some old photos yesterday. I’ll have to remember to hide them better so that doesn’t happen again.

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