September 3, 2004

And so… uh…

…I guess they all lived happily ever after.
The End.


10 thoughts on “And so… uh…

  1. If they fail to follow my advice to help themselves, that’s their own lookout.

  2. Damnit, I was on the edge of my seat waiting to see how that resolved, too. I want my money back.

  3. I see no reason why you shouldn’t finish it off, if you feel that there is more to be said.

  4. Damn… my bluff called… Since I don’t actually have time to write it in full here, the resolution was the reading of his letter in court. The letter which he had written 8 years previously was actually a letter to himself from his incarnation 8 years later in which he berated himself for missing opportunities due to shyness, and explaining that it was this one great failure in his life that had led both to his 8 year eye-gouging spree, and the girl’s own madness. When baffled by the logic of this the court psychiatrist explains that when he wrote the letter (yesterday) he was stark raving bonkers, and that rational explanations had nothing to do with it. At the time that he thought he was writing the letter (8 years previously) he was of sound mind, but under the influence of a shyness induced trance that allowed him to receive messages from his future self.
    It was this evident vulnerability that led the girl to fall in love with him and become increasingly deranged with obsession over the years that followed.
    This simple explanation restores their sanity, and the couple fall happily in love and get married etc. as per Twelfth Night. Everybody retires to the bar, including Dorothy and Dan who’ve both now forgiven Adrian for gouging out their eyes.

  5. *reads*
    I think my brain just imploded. Have you been reading Kurt Vonnegut lately, or something?

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