September 24, 2004


Just for Gordon, today’s twin theme is Guinnessss and White Elephants. I’m not at all sure how that will work. I’m just happy that it’s Friday, and I get to spend two days NOT in Slough.


8 thoughts on “Ness-Agin

  1. Ah yes, Slough. Weren’t we going to make some concerted effort to improve the Clock’s google ranking for that poem?
    Mine’s a pint. Of Guinness, rather than of pink, white or otherwise hued elephant.

  2. In honour of what we wish would happen to Slough (while you’re not there, of course) can I have a 9/11 ? Basically, it’s just lots of Kamikazes served up in one place.
    Yes, it’s a vile sense of humour. I’ll get it fixed one day.

  3. i’ll casually drink the guinness and ignore the elephant in the living room which has a sign on it that says “krissa doesn’t really like guinness”.

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