September 13, 2004

Promptly got killed on the next zebra crossing

“Cauliflower season is increasingly voluminous, especially during the entrancing mating ritual of Hungarian lethargic garter-snakes.

Astonishingly, while fishing for our pants in the bucket, where evil keeps lurking under fetid teeth, remained artichoke-flavoured crisps.” said Dr. Walker’s Lawyer.

To count every muscle would require considerable charm skills, unforetold throughout the lands, yet unavoidable. Inevitable sweet phone call from under fetid circumstance beyond the gerbil factory. Nevertheless exeunt BANG!


26 thoughts on “Promptly got killed on the next zebra crossing

  1. But Dan doesn’t want to be a blogger. Apparently he is too good for the likes of us … 🙂

  2. Get a proper domain name, you skinflint. I know someone who does nice MT templates in exchange for beer.

  3. Well he can’t just squat here forever, top-posting my CD adverts. Unless he orders one, in which case he’ll be forgiven.

  4. I thought “top posting” was a comment, i.e. “That was a TOP posting, yeah!”
    I’m down with the kids, me.
    I mean – the kidz.
    I’m off to order a copy of Pete’s album, like wot you is should be doing.

  5. Might I be so bold as to suggest that you are perhaps thinking of “topper postings” as in “I say, Master Daniel, that was indeed a topper posting, what?”
    I too am, what you rather charmingly call, “down with the kids, me.” As for young Peter’s long-play audio-record, one has already placed one’s order.

  6. Whilst I bow to your knowledge of ‘topper’, Doctor Pockless, I believe that my reference to ‘top posting’ might have derived from the ‘Madchester’ vernacular of the early ’90s, when ‘the kidz’ (of which I was almost one at the time – well, certainly more than I am now at the age of *splutter*) would refer to “‘aving it”, being “sorted”, and would even merge all these phrases together into the saying “Top one, nice one, ‘aving it, sorted.”
    Or something.
    Oh, I could almost be tempted to depart to my living-room now, bring down that Happy Mondays compact disc from the shelf and mooch around my coffee table to the sound of, er, all their greatest hits. Except I can’t. Because I don’t have any Happy Mondays albums. Because they were shite.

  7. Your twisting my melon, Vaughan.
    Perhaps you’ll find you’ve mellowed towards their uncouth genius with age (since I’m reliably informed that you’re now *splutter* years old). Presumably you’d love to hear my Black Grape records too.
    Then we can all freaky-dance like Bez in the comments box to Dan the Top-poster’s new Blogsquat.

  8. You’re, obviously. I meant “you’re” not “your” (although I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s what Ryder wrote).
    Call the cops!

  9. Oh, but if I were able – without recourse to a sneaky Internet search, that is. Those of you who enjoyed the divine nonsense that was the Mondays at their best might be interested to know that Sean Ryder hosted Marc Riley’s Radio 6 show “Rocket Science” this weekend, and you can still listen to it for the rest of the week.

  10. Having just checked out, I think, for aesthetic reasons, someone should design this man a site at the earliest opportunity.
    Talking of opportunities, have you ordered your copy of Pete’s CD yet?

  11. Second comment! Wahey!
    (Actually, I shouldn’t do this. I’m remembering what happened when I suggested we write a novel one word at a time via the comments box. I’ll go now, if you like).

  12. I offered several times. You said no.
    I’ve said yes several times! However it’s true that I’ve also said no several times, as well.
    And I AM a Top Poster, in all senses of the word. I’m sure as the administrator of Uborka you somehow have the power to put your post about Dave’s CD, which I will be ordering shortly, above my post.

  13. Woah! Dave’s not making a CD? No wonder I had so much trouble ordering it….
    I do, of course, mean Pete’s CD. I just have Dave on the brain. Mmm, Dave…

  14. How come Adrian and all those associated with Adrian continually confuse Pete with Dave?
    It’s easy: Dave looks like a teddy bear. Pete does not. And Pete has a fabulous CD of his own music, exclusively available here, for only

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