October 6, 2004

A grower and a stayer

Ade provides another kind review of Get To The Next Screen, which is still available to order here.


12 thoughts on “A grower and a stayer

  1. You had me confused for a moment there, until I worked out it wasn’t me who wrote the review.
    However, that reminds me that the postponement of this weekend’s blogmeet means my original plan to get a copy of Get To The Next Screen won’t work, so I shall email you forthwith to secure a copy.

  2. I know, three Adrians in one blogosphere strikes me as either one or two too many. Or possibly three.

    Karen on October 6, 2004
  3. We could all be the same person. Have you ever seen any of us in the same place at the same time.

  4. Watch it, McLean. Never underestimate the power of Ade.
    To prevent further inter-Adrial confusion I shall refer to myself as “Irregular Ade” when frequenting Uborka comment boxes.

  5. Indeed. Gordon, surely you are aware of ade being sent to help all sorts of troubled regions of the world, such is his power. I presume that’s what makes him irregular, there are less Internet cafes in Africa…

  6. And you all seem to suffer from not being able to leave awful puns alone.
    What did they do to you?! 😉

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