October 5, 2004

An Interview

This morning I drove for 45 minutes down the M4, for an interview with an american-japanese company which does interesting electronic stuff. The job is for a Facilities Administrator with lots of emphasis on Health & Safety. It will pay my required salary. They will pay for me to do a NEBOSH course, and also asked if I was interested in gaining a HR qualification. I liked the HR director, who interviewed me, and for whom I would be working.
It’s a good job.
It’s a 45 minute drive.
I’m really quite lazy.


6 thoughts on “An Interview

  1. I used to enjoy the drive to work. I kinda miss having the radio on, or listening to talking books.
    In other words, get off your lazy ass and get that job!

  2. You know you want it. I love my half hour of stuck-in-traffic-radio in the mornings. Puts a nice time distance between bed and desk. I listened to an audio book in the car once and it was much better than actual reading (which I’m very slow at). I think I’d join a lobrary and do that on a longer commute.

  3. Gosh yes, that’s a good idea. But would audio books count towards my reading target for the year?

    Karen on October 7, 2004
  4. You don’t necessarily have to join a library even, if you want the classics (or books out of copyright at least) Project Gutenberg is now adding audio books to its collection, although most of them seem to be read by computer.

  5. Yes, move to Slough was my mother’s helpful suggestion, as well. Thanks.

    Karen on October 7, 2004

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