October 28, 2004

Not Hungover

Yesterday I forgot my front door key, so I had to wait for Pete to come home and let me in after work. Ahhh, poor Karen, waiting on the doorstep in the rain.
But no! Of course I went to sit in the pub across the road to wait for him. And of course I hadn’t finished my glass of wine by the time Pete arrived, so he got a pint of beer to drink while he waited. And of course then we couldn’t really go to the gym [or the supermarket] as we had planned to do. So of course there was nothing to eat in the house. So of course we didn’t bother going home, we went and had a pizza instead. And of course we had our traditional bottle of pinot grigio with the pizza. And surprisingly a friend-colleague was also in the restaurant. So of course we went for a drink with her after the pizza. And of course that meant that we were pretty drunk by the time we got home, and of course it was bedtime. So of course with all that wine and pizza and good time inside me, I slept like a log.
So of course I feel fantastic today.


2 thoughts on “Not Hungover

  1. Par for the of course, in fact. I wonder if it would still work if I were deliberately to forget my keys. Worth a try maybe. I’ll let you know.

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