October 10, 2004

Restaurant Review

The Royal India in Wokingham used to be a lovely place. The service was fast, and one was frequently seated in these marvellous little booths that kept the friendly conversation in, and the unwanted conversation out. In short, it had all the advantages of a takeaway at home, and the disadvantages… well, I’m at a loss to think of any.
A recent refurbishment has left it dead in the water. The open arrangement means that the party of sixteen gentlemen at the next table became something of a disturbance, and the waiters can no longer wheel their trolleys around without making a total fucking nuisance of themselves.
This refurbishment was clearly intended to increase the capacity of the venue, thus meeting the demand which was causing them to have to turn people away. However, the changes made will clearly deter a great number of regulars, who will find that the place no longer has the charm which previously drew them there.
I feel let down. If you had asked me to name my favourite restaurant three months ago, this would be the only place which I would feasibly consider for the role. The food wasn’t marvellous, but it was good value, and I was very comfortable there. Now, it has nothing to recommend it.


4 thoughts on “Restaurant Review

  1. i totally understand. there was a little cafe in Minot, ND that served a similar purpose when i was younger. it had little enclosed booths and everything was really private. it was hard to get a seat, at least until they revamped the design and opened everything up to the noise and disruption of a regular restaurant. sometimes success is a bad thing.

  2. Strangely our favourite little coffee house in Hamilton has booths downstairs, seats upstairs. The booths aren’t hugely ‘space economical’ but I over heard the owner chatting to someone and saying that he wouldn’t remove them as “the regulars prefer them”.
    So I understand why you’re bummed out mate, in a reverse kinda way..

  3. I hear there is a disturbing movement beginning – that of chain Indian restaurants. They sevre only bland curries and dishes, and have decor halfway between a traditional Indian and a McDonalds.
    You may feel the need to leave the country now, as I did.

  4. Is this an autoblographist’s revelation I sense? Has Stuart been lying to us all along? Did he really only leave the country because of the looming spectre of chains of Indian restaurants? And there we were thinking he’d gone to the USA for purer and far more romantic reasons!
    Watch out, Stuart. Being up on the cultural know-how, I hear that they have something over there called McDonalds.
    Er … 🙂

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