October 13, 2004

Thai Square, Windsor

Restaurant review

On a wet Wednesday night in Windsor, the Thai Square was very busy, but the waiting staff were up to the job [if a little barking]. We were more hungry than flush, so we just stuck to the basics: green chicken curry, red beef curry, and an amazing noodle dish that looked like a double portion. All the food was spicy and full of aromatic coconut and basil-based flavour, and we were only slightly bemused by the hard, pea-shaped but not pea-like, little thingies. What were they? Fairly pointless, we thought.

The sticky rice can only be described as sticky. Or extremely sticky. The steamed rice was fairly white and normal. And the thai singha beer was consumed without complaint.

I tend to think that there are two schools of thai restaurant: the pungent and powerful, highly spiced and colourful type; and the delicate, more scented than flavoured type. This was actually somewhere in between: food hot enough to know you were eating a curry, but nothing vulgar, nothing over-the-top.

Further into the restaurant, there was an interesting wooden decor, but unfortunately we opted for the more ordinary non-smoking section, right by the door. Our local Pizza Express is also guilty of providing a nicer environment for the smokers, too.

A main course, rice and a drink at the Thai Square came to £10 per head, which was amazing value, considering the quality of the food, and met our requirements perfectly.


8 thoughts on “Thai Square, Windsor

  1. Is Thai Square the one just opposite the castle, on the corner of one of the (many) passageways? If so I agree, it’s a fantastic little place, albeit totally barmy.

  2. Well, yes, it is – but there are about five thai restaurants in Windsor, and they could all be described like that. I don’t know why thai is so popular in Windsor.

    Karen on October 13, 2004
  3. Sounds ideal. I’ll try and remember it the next time I’m in Windsor.
    Much better than sushi!

  4. those weird pea things were actually aubergines. strange, but true.

    sofyap on October 13, 2004
  5. It did mention aubergines on the menu, so that must have been they.

    Karen on October 13, 2004
  6. Nothing is ever NOW until Troubled Diva notices it’s happening.

    Karen on October 13, 2004
  7. I know! I could provide reviews of the various BBC eateries around the new ‘media village’ at White City! But then again, maybe not!

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