October 2, 2004

The Pizza Wheel

Back in June, Pete and I stayed with my Great Aunt in Grasmere for a few days. She’s in her eighties, and had recently had a fall, so we found ourselves doing various chores for her, like refilling the squirrel-feeders and taking her to the supermarket.
On one of our thrilling trips to Booths, she decadently purchased a frozen pizza, and confessed that she rather liked this new-fangled delicacy, although she found it difficult to cut them up.
For her birthday last week, I sent her a pizza wheel. She is reported to have been thrilled to bits, being already in possession of an entire desk full of floral notelets and more boxes of chocolates than the ambassador’s party. She said, no-one ever gives me mod cons!
So now I need your help. What mod con can I send her for christmas?


7 thoughts on “The Pizza Wheel

  1. How about one of those posh corkscrews – the ones with the lever – mod(ish) and very con!

  2. My mum actually got me one of those last christmas. I don’t know if it was just cheap or also faulty, but it has never worked. I’m not sure the Great Aunt drinks a great deal of wine.

    Karen on October 3, 2004
  3. A bread machine? Everyone I know who has one swears by them, although so far I’ve only sworn at mine…

  4. I’ve never come across Booths before, is it as cool as its website suggests?
    If she does crosswords, get her one of those digital crossword lookup/solver thingies.

  5. I think we’re aiming for too-complex with a bread machine, and she’s definitely not a crossword type. We’re also looking at a spend of around

    Karen on October 4, 2004
  6. Have you had a trawl through the site/shop of Lakeland Plastics? They usually have some really groovy/useful gadgets that are reasonably priced, and could be considered “mod cons”.

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