November 15, 2004

Browser Share

Whilst writing a complainy email to egg about their nasty website insisting that I use Internet Explorer, it occurred to me to check what the current Firefox market share is.
Figures vary, naturally, and someone said something about 6% quite recently, but the statistics that matter more than any others in the world are Uborka readers, naturally.

uborka browser share
This handy little image will be perpetually updated, so I would be foolish to pass any comment on it, as my words will rapidly be out of date.
However, I think I’m quite safe in saying “WOW! LOOK AT THAT! EH? EH?”
Y’know, something nice and vague that doesn’t mean anything.


4 thoughts on “Browser Share

  1. The Netscape 3.x people are actually reading this site through an inter-dimensional time portal. It’s true. Unfortunately, your browser detector doesn’t pick up on the people who are reading this on parchment in Egyptian times, nor the people who are having this transmitted directly to their neural cortex in 2246.

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