November 23, 2004

Factual Entry

Sky blue.
Earth round.
Thanks for reading.


8 thoughts on “Factual Entry

  1. The sky is actually not blue at all, it is just perceived that way.
    The earth is not actually round it is a bit squidgy.

  2. Blue things are only blue because they are perceived as being blue.
    Perfect roundness can not be attained. Hence roundness is relative, and I could therefore declare anything that I like to be round, unless it is perfectly flat, which also can not be attained.

  3. I, for one, would be most interested to see someone pull off a pear-shaped loop in a Sopwith Camel.

  4. it’s easier to roll a sopwith. the damn engine has so much torque, it does all the work.
    as to the round blue.
    the sky is blue and the earth is round.
    i just want to see the answer, i never cared much for the scratch sheets.

  5. The sky looks pretty damned grey to me at the moment. And last night it was all reddish, before fading to a kind of twinkly blackness.
    The Earth being slightly oblong is actually a very good thing! It means we get days and nights. Each one is slightly longer than the next, and hopefully, in a few squillion years, we will enter a state of phase lock (which most known planetary bodies, most observably the moon, are in), where the rate of rotation matches the rate of orbit, and one side of the Earth will always face the sun, and the other side will always face away.
    This will really wreak havoc with daylight savings.

    Destructor on November 24, 2004

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