November 3, 2004

I’m Not Going To Mention The Election

It is the country’s national spice, a fiery seasoning of which the average Hungarian devours half a kilogramme a year. But now consumers in Hungary been advised to steer clear of paprika.

An amusing article and an atrocious pun from the Guardian – Hungry Hungary in spice crisis.
You know, ever since I’ve been seven, I’ve thought it amusing that Hungary is one letter away from Hungry. I can only deduce that I am sixteen years older (in mental age) than a Guardian journo. Suck my pen, journobloggers! And you know who you are.


1 thought on “I’m Not Going To Mention The Election

  1. I thought it was only the csemege they are having problems with and not the fiery stuff. I hope I’m not going to have an ‘ooops’ moment and attempt to regurgitate three or four days’ input.
    The pols here are blaming it on imports. Portuguese and South American apparently. K

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