December 16, 2004

Hppy Txts

I checked my phone at lunchtime, and found three text messages:

  • One from Spengy to say that he had received a copy of Pete’s CD, which I sent him with instructions to deliver to estee when he arrives in Australia next week.
  • One from Lyle to tell me that he got the job. Yay to me for supplying him with the name of an agency. Yay to him for wowing them at interview.
  • And the Hppst Txt of all, from Doctor Pockless, who has finally got somewhere to live. For a while there, it was touch-and-go; but now he will definitely be able to grace future blogmeets with his famous sartorial elegance. Oh yes, Mike may have some shirty competition.

Does anyone else have good news that I should know about?


17 thoughts on “Hppy Txts

  1. The blister I’ve had on the side of my right foot is finally healing. (This may indeed be minor good news, but it’s still good news).

  2. My awesomeness factor has not deteriorated. I am still totally awesome.

  3. I have just discovered (10 weeks into my 11 week contract) that my machine does have a sound-card.
    I’m not sure whether this qualifies as happy news or not.

  4. I seem to have found a man who will repair my guttering. And he has a ladder. Apparently he is also good at "IT stuff".

  5. [struggles to think of one good thing that has happened in the last month. fails.]
    Uhm… brother flies into town in six days!

    Destructor on December 17, 2004
    Trent Reznor is remixing U2’s ‘Vertigo’
    breathe…..breathe…’s not a fantasy…..I know it’s happening just like it did in all those dreams I’ve been having……that doesn’t mean you’re hallucinating.

    Destructor on December 17, 2004
  7. I woke up today. That’s ALWAYS good news.
    Arguably though you wouldn’t be able to call it bad news as.. well you’d be dead an all..

  8. I have just eaten a proper burger meal with home made chips, salad and a glass of red wine for

  9. Sadly, since I started being required to work during the day instead of idly surfing, I am unable to provide cocktails. As always, you are welcome to help yourselves.

  10. Harvey Wallbanger, anyone?
    (my one concession to mixing anything with Smirnoff Blue)
    Oh, and the “

  11. Mines a pint. Thanks for the kind words. Got to pack now. Perhaps Pockless will return from his hermitude in the early new year.
    We’ll see.

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