December 2, 2004

Movable Type Enhancement

If you use Movable Type and are sick of the way that the “List Templates” screen has buttons for the Miscellaneous Templates instead of links (meaning that you are forced to open them in the same window, when you really want to open them in a new tab), read on…

Still here? Super.
I’ve taken list_template.tmpl from MT v2.64 and made some changes. The changed version is here. I suggest that you right click on that link and save it somewhere temporary.
You now need to log in to your webspace via FTP and navigate to tmpl/cms off of your main MT CGI directory. In my case, this is /cgi-bin/mt/tmpl/cms, though in yours it may be /cgi-bin/tmpl/cms, depending upon your setup.
Next, take a copy of the list_template.tmpl that is already there, just in case you encounter a problem with my version. As I said, it’s based on the v2.64 code, so you may find that you have a problem if you are using any other version of MT.
Now, copy my list_template.tmpl on top of the one that is on your website.
That’s all there is to it. Go and see if it has worked.