4 thoughts on “All popularity contests are nonsense

  1. Thanks for the lovely words – and the support! 🙂 However, this evening I’ve been checking out the 2004 Weblog Awards rather more closely, and for various reasons I’ve decided that it’s really not something with which I’m happy to be associated. More details – including a long email to the organisers – can be found here.

  2. Oh, the Guardian are bored of weblogs now. They are so 2002.

  3. But I still firmly believe that Robbie Williams was the fifth most influential musician of the last millennium…
    The pity about the Graunaid one was that its premise was reasonably sound – self-nomination (and thus, also, self-withholding), a panel of judges in theory representing a mild diversity of blogging, coupled with a showcasing on some near-but-not-quites.
    Without repeating my views on last year’s winner, I felt they let themselves down by selecting an interesting and well-written piece of fiction using blog software really wasn’t, IMO, representative of blogging.

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