January 16, 2005

Musical Meme

via Counting Sheep
1. What is the total amount of music files on your computer?
34.2 GB at time of writing.
2. The cd you last bought is:
Who Killed The Zutons – acquired by Pete in Bristol. Possibly the best new CD we have picked up so far this year.
3. What is the song you last listened to before reading this message?
Pinned Together, Falling Apart by The Dears – a christmas present from Pete’s sister, that we have not listened to enough yet.
4. Write down 5 songs you often listen to or that mean a lot to you:
* Thunder Road by Bruce Springsteen: still my favourite song.
* Something Changed by Pulp: from my favourite album.
* Oh My Lover by PJ Harvey: raw and nostalgic.
* Take It All Away by Cake: a band I started to enjoy last year.
* Our House by Pete: if you don’t know why I love this song, you haven’t been paying attention.
5. Who are you going to pass this stick to? (3 persons) and why?
Vaughan, Sue, and Lyle, because I think they’re the only people reading Uborka! these days. and all the other lovely, lovely Uborka! readers, whose feelings I would never wish to hurt.


15 thoughts on “Musical Meme

  1. Is it true? Don’t I read this anymore either?
    ‘Tis a shame as I was enjoying it so much . . .

  2. The management of Uborka! would like to apologise to any readers whose names have not been mentioned in the above post. Every one of you means the world to us, and we would miss you even more than we missed Sevitz, if you all went snowboarding.

    Karen on January 16, 2005
  3. But if we all went snowboarding, surely you and Pete would be with us as heads of the Uborka Winter Jaunt?
    Not only have I read this, I’ve even participated.

  4. Ooh, I’m honoured. I might even try the Musical Meme, if I’m not too embarrassed to reveal how little music I’ve got on my computer (partly what comes of only having 20GB hard disk) and how few CDs I’ve bought since, well, since I can remember actually.

  5. What is this "Uborka" of which you speak?
    I suspect you get more readers than that grayblog site though.
    But who’s counting anyway?

  6. I’d have thought the disclaimer was implicit, but how about:
    Comments are left on Uborka! entirely at the reader’s own risk. Management accepts no liabilty for any loss, damage or offence resulting from the participation in the Uborka! experience, or the posting of any comments therein, whether such comments be noted, ignored or otherwise dealt with.

  7. Oooh, he called it “an experience”. I like that. An experience it shall be.

  8. ooh, rereading my comment it reads like I was offended and crybabying, when in fact I meant that I have spent an entire year being totally crap in blogrollreading.
    A year in blogging is like an entire minnelium in reality.

  9. Hi there – just stumbled across your little site. Looks quite nice, quaint even.
    I think I’ll try this meme if that’s ok.

  10. 1. before the computer dumped, or after?
    2. replacement copy of “the dirty south” by the drive by truckers
    3. live version of “i feel so good” by r.l. burnside. the guitar is filthy, it is fuzzy as year old potatoes.
    4. 1. don’t tell me- buddy miller. the southern predisposition to wallow in your good mistakes.
    the ability to talk a young lady back down the steps when you both know better.
    2. joan jett of arc- clem snide. i can’t listen to this very often. it reminds me of young love and every part of that girl.
    3. the worst way- richard buckner – listening to this is like being run over by a truck. course, if i’d quit lying down in the street…
    4. my baby just cares for me- nina simone. if this don’t put a bounce in your step, you’re in a wheelchair.
    5. that’s how strong my love is- roosevelt jamison, buddy miller, the mysteries of life, otis redding,o.v. wright, little milton, et al. the most hopefull song i know. you shouldn’t have to tell her. but sometimes you can’t help it.

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