February 19, 2005

A Helpful Flickr-related suggestion

If you set yourself up a non-pro flickr account, then don’t upload your images at 2048×1536 or whatever resolution your camera uses. There’s an upload quota, which you’ll reach very very quickly this way.
Since non-pro accounts can only display images at up to 1024×768 or thereabouts, you should take copies of the images you want to upload and shrink them before you upload.
I found this out the hard way.


1 thought on “A Helpful Flickr-related suggestion

  1. I joined flickr, not because I have massive amounts of photos to upload, but I was so utterly impressed by the service that I thought they should have my support. If that helps them make the service better, I’m all for it. I recommend anyone and everyone to join. Oh, and to check out Pete and Karen’s pics of Venice: They’re ace.

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