February 24, 2005

Fighting Over Foxes And Football

What the hell is going on? Hunters and hunt saboteurs lamping eachother left right and centre, Man Utd fans and Everton fans rucking in the streets? Doesn’t this all just seem a little bit uncivilised?
Seriously, people. Foxes matter, yes. Football matters, yes*. But they don’t really matter that much, in the grand high scheme of things. I’m past caring about your** beliefs, and I think that everyone else is too, with the exception of yourselves. Whatever it is that you are fighting for, one thing is for sure – right now, you’re not doing the world any favours.
Life’s too short to be this consumed with anger and hatred. Chill the fuck out, a’right? Think of the children.
(I actually wrote this three days ago. I’m not sure why I didn’t post it back then, but either way, that’s the reason for this remark on a topic which by now has dropped from the headlines.)
* Okay, I’m pushing it slightly with this one.
** Not YOU, obviously. Hopefully it should be obvious from context who I am addressing here.


2 thoughts on “Fighting Over Foxes And Football

  1. wait’ll it slips past the fence and starts killing all the tofu.
    they’ll be BEGGING us to kill the foxes for them.

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