February 17, 2005


Every day on the train, I spot at least one person reading The Da Vinci Code. The only thing that stops me from admonishing them is the fact that I have read it myself. But at least I didn’t read it in public.
This afternoon I stumbled across our company internet usage reports. I was fascinated to note that Chaotique is classed as a Real Estate website.
Has anyone else seen Doomed and Unrequited? It’s car-crash blogrolling.
It’s kind of Amazon to remind us that Mothers Day is March 6th. But if I remember it this year, I will make myself look bad for all the years I forgot it.


8 thoughts on “Miscellany

  1. Why would you admonish them? It’s only a novel. I’ve read it and it’s not that bad. Is it?

  2. And for the love of all things “UI friendly” will you PLEASE set the default for your comments to REMEMBER name/email/URL!!

  3. A lot of people think Da Vinci code is really good apparently. I haven’t read it yet, but I have a naturaly action to NOT read the book everyone is reading (insert Harry Potter, Any booker prize winner, Da vinci code etc here as you like).
    Still anything that gets people to read is good I suppose.
    I’m reading a book on prime numbers. I doubt you’ll see that on the tube much.
    Mothers day has always been a non entity in my house. My mother saw no need in fabricating a day, and I buy my mother random presents all year round when I see something she would like. Thank god for common sense.

  4. I read The Da Vinci Code because it was recommended by so many people. I read the Booker Prize winners (and shortlist) because they are usually damn good books – take Vernon God Little as a prime example. Unfortunately Booker Prize judges and commuters obviously use very different criteria.

  5. I started reading TDVC and was barely able to put it down until I was done- I had to admit that, even while I was very cognizant of its flaws, it was pretty compelling. And I don’t regret reading it because since that time I’ve used it in conversations with strangers on at least a dozen occasions, and it’s actually a neat barometer of determining how credulous they are in a short space of time.

  6. Yay for internet usage reports! If anyone wants to buy a house, just drop me and Kirstie Allsopp a line.
    For some reason I haven’t read Da’VinciCode yet. I have no idea why not. Must be some kind of mystery.

  7. Because it’s actually rubbish and you don’t want to lose the 4-6 hours of your life that it’ll take you to read the blasted thing and get it over and done with, because you know you’ll never get them back, and there are better ways to fritter time away.

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