March 25, 2005

Our shour

Hey, we thought, wouldn’t it be cool if we peeled the labels off of the Boots Basics shampoo and conditioner and wrote “SHAMPOO” and “CONDITIONER” on them by hand? Then people wouldn’t know that we had bought really cheap shampoo and conditioner, and next time we are in the shop, and we come to our senses, and buy not-so-cheap products, we can refill these bottles, and they will look ace?
And then, I added, we should do the same to the spare bottles of shower gel, but to deter people from using them (because they are supposed to be the spares, you see) we could write “ACID” and “NAPALM” on them instead.



* for the benefit of the kind of people who find winky smileys useful to figure out if I am trying to be funny or not, this was an intentional (and hilarious) mis-spelling.


8 thoughts on “Our shour

  1. Like it.
    But now you’ve revealed your secrets and I’m going to creep into your house and night whilst you are asleep and jolly well use your spare shampoo. Muhahaha!

  2. At least you didn’t end this post with “wa-la”, which I see too, too often on the web these days.

  3. Those crazy people on the web. They’re so wacky.
    I’ve also noticed a lot of people saying “Muahahaha” as well. How droll.
    Oh, hi Dr Sloan. Didn’t see you there.

    Pete on March 25, 2005
  4. If this continues, next you’ll be going into supermarkets, browsing surreptitiously up and down the vegetable aisle, and carving the word CUCUMBER on the, er, cucumbers.

  5. Vaughan, next time I see you, remind me to write “Vaughan” on your head in marker pen.

    Pete on March 25, 2005
  6. I once worked in a shop that had a dymo gun for labling the shelves and was bored so I went through in my head everything we had in our kitchen and printed out lables for them: kettle, toaster, fridge, etc.
    Just thought I’d share…

  7. Please do, Pete. But remember – write it backwards. I have a very bad short-term memory, and it’ll help when I pass mirrors. 🙂

  8. I cant see what’s wrong with Viola. Then again in my case it never is an intentional misspelling.
    And I would totally use something marked napalm. Just maybe not on my head. Or I would test it first by throwing it at the wall.

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