March 28, 2005

Surprisingly Good TV

Knowing as you do that in Casa Uborka we are too snobbish to watch any TV other than University Challenge and the occasional film, you will be astonished to learn that we have been making more use than usual of our television licence.
It may be a little early in the day to recommend the new series of Doctor Who, but it was amusing to watch it with two other grown-ups who are nonetheless younger than me and had never really seen it before. Not proper Doctor Who, anyway, like with Tom Baker, or Peter Davidson at a push. They were unimpressed by the two most impressively pleasing elements, namely the fact that the new producers had meddled only minimally with the theme tune and the TARDIS noise. They appeared to be judging it on quality of acting and plausibility of plot. The kids of today, really.
I was happy with it. It felt authentic. I thought it was a good job.
The other TV show that we have surprised ourselves by watching is Joey. We were reasonably well entertained by Friends, although the world didn’t end if we missed an episode; so we decided to give Joey a chance. The first show made us laugh, so we extended its trial period and have continued to do so on that basis. It’s okay, but we expect it’s about to jump its shark, with the introduction of a new love-interest who resembles Skeletor wearing a Sindy doll wig.
I shan’t bother to mention Help, because everyone knows about it by now. Uborka: you heard it here last.


3 thoughts on “Surprisingly Good TV

  1. Mrs.D. and I thoroughly enjoyed the video’d first episode, and I agree about the theme music and Tardisnoise.

  2. Dr. Who. Meh. But I was never a fan.
    Joey. Would that new love interest be one Kelly Preston? AKA MRS. John Travolta?? Marks out of ten? I’d give her one…
    And yes. Help. The TV show I keep forgetting about. Thanks for the reminder.
    One more time for Dr.Who… meh

  3. Sorry to be contrary, but I hated the music. That poncey undulating string section sawing away in the background just wasn’t menacing enough. I much preferred the old Radiophonic Worksop version, those opening synthesiser notes were pure behind-the-sofa stuff.
    The rest of the programme was pretty good. A little light, but good. Ho hum, back to lurking…

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