April 26, 2005

Another Re-read

Book #20
Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit – Jeanette Winterson

One thing I am quite certain of, I don’t want to be betrayed, but that’s quite hard to say, casually, at the beginning of a relationship. It’s not a word people use very oftern, which confuses me, because there are different kinds of infidelity, but betrayal is betrayal wherever you find it. By betrayal, I mean promising to be on your side, and then being on somebody else’s.



1 thought on “Another Re-read

  1. I think I need to re-read this. Did you see it on the TV? I loved the TV but I then loved the book even more. Gosh, I have read quite a few of her’s. come to think of it.
    I used to read books before I got a computer, and a boyfriend, and a decent TV etc etc.
    Those were the days…

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