April 29, 2005

Occupational Hazard

There is a large downside to this website being named what it is.
When I get an email in my inbox from an unknown sender with the subject “The mighty cucumber lives” I don’t instantly twig that it is viagra spam. At least not until after I’ve opened it.
New York in four days. I’m buzzing.


4 thoughts on “Occupational Hazard

  1. Giant Cucumber.
    Hmmmm…. just my mind going there isn’t it …?

  2. Nope Adrian, I think certain words in that post were used deliberately…

  3. Well I for one am happy about you rchili situation. I fully respect that you are trying to bring them into the world as best you can. Good luck in New York I hear the best places to go are up very north of Manhatten. A place called Harlem. you’ll love it there everyone is so so friendly.

  4. Uh, yeah Jim.
    O’course, I’d plump for Astoria, which is lucky, considering.

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