April 20, 2005

Rough Ideas

What’s the one thing we should do/see in New York?


15 thoughts on “Rough Ideas

  1. Presumably Adrian means see Stuart, not do him.
    I heard there’s a Dominatrix Yoga Instructor over there, I’d fully check that out.
    The ferry ride/tour thingy around the island is pretty neat, too.
    Oh, and Tom’s Diner, where Seinfeld was set, if you’re a fan.

  2. Which part of one thing confused you there, Dan?
    The Stuart & Krissa thing is already in hand, since they are our kind hosts.
    And really, dominatrice are not my thing.

    Karen on April 20, 2005
  3. Well, I didn’t know if ‘we’ referred to four people, so I wanted to cover all my bases.

  4. Top of the Empire State Building. Pete can carry you up and do his monkey face and it’ll all be really funny.
    Seriously though, it’s worth going up and that comes from someone who’s terrified of heights.

  5. (to clarify, I fear if I ever went I wouldn’t come back… just in case you were confused.. which you probably weren’t as you’re both quite smart. Well you are Karen.. not sure about that Pete bloke…)

  6. if it’s nice out, go to zabar’s on the upper west side, pick up some yummy new york food, walk to central park, and have a picnic. ask krissa about the time she and i did that, and she’ll have a funny story about a picnic blanket, a hangover, and a crazy friend of mine.

    steph on April 21, 2005
  7. Whilst there, it is important to feel safe in the knowledge that someone is looking after the chillis in your absence.

  8. If you like Mexican seafood go to Pampano restaurant and report back to me.

  9. Mexican seafood is a disgusting idea. I like Steph’s suggestion, though.

    Karen on April 23, 2005
  10. Coney Island.
    There’s a good pub called the Joshua Tree on 46th Street which does a wonderful lobster dinner.

  11. You mean you will do it if we pay you, Graybo?

    Karen on April 25, 2005

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